Aramex completes testing of drone and bot deliveries in Dubai

The company plans to expand its drone and robot delivery testing across the Middle East and Africa region

Logistics provider Aramex has completed the testing of its drone and roadside bot deliveries in Dubai.

The testing involved a multi-modal approach using both drones and autonomous bots, and was conducted in partnership with UAE-based BARQ EV and Colombian firm Kiwibot. BARQ EV specialises in smart mobility and logistics solutions, while Kiwibot deals in delivery robotics.

The move is part of Aramex’s ‘future delivery program’, aimed at enhancing last-mile logistics using smart shipping solutions. The initial tests were conducted at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Aramex deployed the drone delivery technology provided by BARQ EV. The drones were equipped with multi-directional sensors and a fleet management system, enabling Aramex to have “high accuracy across order placements, dispatch management, drone flight routing, and deliveries”, the company said on Tuesday.

In addition, Kiwibot’s self-driving ground delivery vehicles use high-tech sensors, cameras, radars, and AI to navigate through surroundings. It also utilises an advanced GPS navigation system to generate virtual maps, establish multiple routes, and change course depending on delays or obstacles, the company added.

“The expansion of our future delivery program in the UAE is a testament to our drive to be at the forefront of last-mile delivery logistics and generate more value for our customer,” said Alaa Saoudi, chief operating officer – Express at Aramex.

“Importantly, it also enables Aramex to further contribute to UAE’s sustainability ambitions as we embark on our mission to transition our fleet to emission-free vehicles and achieve our climate pledge to reach Carbon neutrality by 2030.”

The tests were supported by several local bodies such as Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Dubai Future Foundation and Dubai Smart City.

“We believe this collaboration with Aramex will be the great first step to scale up the drone delivery service in the logistics industry in the UAE,” added Ahmed Al Mazrui, CEO of BARQ EV.

The latest initiative follows Aramex’s test of autonomous drone delivery conducted in Muscat, Oman last year.

Aramex plans to expand its drone and robot delivery testing across the Middle East and Africa region, as well as other core markets where it operates.




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