Memorial Health joins Mayo Clinic Health Care Network

Memorial Health joins Mayo Clinic Health Care Network

MARIETTA — Memorial Health System has joined forces with Mayo Clinic, health care officials announced Thursday.

“This is a historic day,” Memorial Health System President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Cantley said. “We have been anxious to share this announcement with our community.”

The new collaboration will enable Memorial Health System to access Mayo Clinic’s databases, consult with their specialists on patient cases, participate in video conferences and all around access to their clinical resources.

“The ability to have access to all the expertise of the world’s most prominent health care entity brings to their patients every day. For us to make that available to the patients of the Mid Ohio Valley is one of the incredible opportunities that this region has ever had,” Cantley said.

“It connects our providers to 4,500 providers and now have immediate access to the expertise of the Mayo Clinic which is regarded as the number one brand in health care,” said Dan Breece, Memorial Health System Vice President of Physicians Services and Chief Medical Officer.

Mayo Clinic Clinic Care Medical Director Mark Larson presented examples of information sharing in real life scenarios.

“If you’ve got nursing leaders that say, What are you doing to eradicate an infection at a hospital? We are now working together. If you’ve got new cancer therapies that are being unfolded, we are now working together to deliver that type of care,” he said.

He added, “Now, those patients have in addition to their local provider, they have a really large team to call on. They now have 4,500 additional physicians who are specialists and subspecialists that can be called on through electronic consultation, sharing resources and working with teams of specialists that your patients can draw from.”

Breece said the project started with a desire to advance the quality of care Memorial Health System provides. Officials decided they wanted to pursue aligning with Mayo Clinic.

“You can call the Mayo Clinic and ask to be a part of the Mayo Clinic network. They’ll take that call, but it’s not that easy. It’s a rigorous process with a lot of due diligence that happens to be able to obtain the ability just to go through the journey and become part of the network,” he said.

Memorial Health System providers will now have access to electronic libraries of Mayo Clinic protocols, research, and treatment recommendations. They can also communicate with providers electronically through messaging and video chats. Larson said this feature would be particularly useful for patients with complex illnesses without needing to travel a long distance.

“Your patients will receive the benefit from this without having to travel and with no additional cost to the patient and additional peace of mind. Many of the resources enable a connection between a provider here and a provider at Mayo Clinic. For example, if they have a complicated, complex condition, they can consult and say, what would you do, what would you recommend for this patient?”

Memorial Health System patients will not see the Mayo Clinic doctors face to face, only the providers will.

Officials went through a two-year process to solidify the collaboration, including what Breece called “a minor setback” of a data breach in summer 2021.

Larson said Mayo Clinic chose to align with Memorial Health System because their core values aligned, such as working together and putting the patient’s needs first.

“We’ve seen time and time again that our vision of how we think health care should be delivered and your vision and our vision align really well. It’s critical that our systems work together. We’re not on different pages,” he said.



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