Norway To Bolster Seafood Trade And Tourism With China

Lise Nordgaard, Consulate General of Norway in Shanghai, spoke with CGTN and its reporter, Wu Bin, about Norway’s expectations for strengthening China-Norway bilateral relations.

The Consul General stated that she believes the number of Chinese tourists visiting Norway will increase again in 2023, following the repeal of the Zero Covid-19 policy.

“Now is the perfect time to show our Chinese friends, the public, and business people what Norway is all about, so we are ready now to welcome Chinese tourists by showing them what we can do in the summer and what we can do in the winter time,” Nordgaard said.

Aside from tourism, Norway has seen a significant increase in and will implement seafood exports to China.

Furthermore, many Norwegian companies involved in green energy and technology are looking forward to entering the Chinese market.

Nordgaard added that “China is the most important trading partner for Norway in Asia,” so there are definitely more opportunities for the two countries to cooperate together.




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